Tweaks for Big Shakeout 2012

By Col

After last years Shakeout we took a good look at what we felt worked and what didn't. We have taken on a great deal of feedback from the people who were there and have been able to identify areas we really want to nail this year. This should all help make it an even better event than last year!

Food - More choice, open for longer periods, all day access to some form of food with evening nibbles to keep you boogying.

Drink - More cask ale, last years Thornbridge ales went down really well, we just ran out too early and couldn't get any more.

Daytime activities - Greater variety of free workshops and activities on-site to keep people engaged while kids/partners are off doing a course. This should also create a nicer daytime vibe.

Music - We will be putting more bands on this year!

Noise - Stricter enforcement of music on Saturday night to finish at 12 with more muted entertainment available for those wanting to see in the early hours.

Welcome - A less formal Friday night to make the bar area a place where you can relax after the long drive, and more welcoming for those turning up late through the evening.

Weather - We don't think we can do much better than last year! But we can probably offer more advice to people not used to camping in colder conditions.

We'll be announcing any additions to the programme as and when they happen, so be sure to join up to the Big Shakeout newsletter, or keep an eye on the Facebookpage.

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