Trans IOWA V9

By AK Support

Credit: Ari Andonopoulos/Trans Iowa.

According to race director Guitar Ted Ari had to start walking right there through what you see for an entire mile... and so we are really looking forward to hearing more stories like that later this month. The Trans Iowa is an event for the experienced rider, someone who has been around the world or biked in all kinds of races. Luckily Alpkit team rider Vin Cox has done both and we have heard rumours a second member of team Alpkit will be riding as well, Mr. Paul Errington.

The Trans IOWA V9 is in their own words -

"a self-navigated, self-supported, 300-plus mile gravel road event. Held in late April primarily on Iowa gravel roads. Remember: You Are Responsible For Yourself At Trans Iowa!"

With any choice of bike allowed, and one main rule that you should do it on your own - no support, it's essentially very simple. We will be tracking the guys throughout and hopefully get some pictures and a 'Daring Deed' shortly after. Unfortunately it is too late to enter this years race now - but if you are interested and possibly thinking about it next year, check out the Trans Iowa site here. This years race runs from the 27th - 28th April.

Credit: Trans Iowa

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