The Adventurists - Update

By Col

Yes we knew they were coming, but here's an update of exactly what to expect during what should be a pretty interesting evening in the Yurt, where there will be maps, films and talks to really get those adventurous travel bug juices flowing.

They will set up a selection of maps covering a number of possible overland adventures, so come along if you want to discuss any plans to head off across the globe. This will then lead into a talk about their very popular Mongol Rally and how you go about driving a 1l car to Mongolia, followed by a showing of THE Mongol Rally film...

The evening will then wrap up with a talk about 'When Adventure Goes Wrong'

Full of essential tips, usefull information and plenty of inspirational yabberings, if you're feeling adventuours then make sure you drop into the yurt to kick start your World domination!

For information on the evening check out the Adventurists programme.

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