Team Summary May 2012

By Col

Shauna Coxsey takes time out from competition climbing at this years Melloblocco.

May has been a busy month for the Alpkit Team, especially in the competition climbing circuit.

3-6th May
Melloblocco. Shauna Coxsey and James Garden took a break from competition and both climbed well on their first visit out to this years international bouldering festival in Italy. Shauna hit top spot amongst the women, completing the highest number of prize boulders.

18-20th May
Bouldering World Cup. Innsbruck. Shauna Coxsey claimed a brilliant 2nd place, to continue her strong competition performances of late.

18-20th May
European Youth Cup, Ratho. Luke Tilleyplaced a strong 5th in the junior males. From the Nottingham junior team, Sarah Pashley 19th, Flo Tilley 20th, Gracie Martin 23rd, Tom Bonnert 15th and Billy Ridal 19th in their respective youth categories.

10th May
The Shipwrecked Rambler Klara Harden has moved on from Iceland to Madagascar for her next eco-adventure documentary. Along with Karsten Prühl they have experienced some ups and downs this month.

27th May
Scott Swalling and team Cold Summits headed out to Denaliwith plans to take up camp for a month in Alpkit mountain tents while they climb a number of key routes on the mountain.

26th May
RocFest 2012 in Manchester saw more awesome performances as Shauna Coxsey came 1st in the women's and James Garden 2nd in the men's finals, whilst from the Nottingham junior team Billy Ridal and Gracie Martin both finished 2nd in their respective Junior categories.

25-27th May
Luke and Flo Tilley (and dad Simon) headed by train out to Moscow for the next round of the European Youth cup. Luke put in yet another fine performance, finishing 5th. Flo finished a great 14th.

2nd June.
Early in June, Paul Errington competes in the Dirty Kanza 200 race. 200 miles of lovely gravel road. He'll be staying out after, so should get some good stories on his return.Shauna Coxsey continues to crush scoring another 2nd place at the Vail leg of the bouldering world cup series.

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