Team Manoeuvres Feb/Mar

By Col

Along with Tom's recent bouldering trip to Huecothere have been some interesting manoeuvres from our team of Alpkiteers and sponsored expeditions.

The bouldering team have been competing all over the place and customer services own Ashleigh came first in the local Wirksworth climbing wall winter league - she recounts the fun she has had training and working on problems in her latest Daring Deedfollowing her ROCfest experience at the start of the month.But our team haven't just been competing at climbing walls - a long term Alpkit buddy and accomplished climber Dan has been building a world class wall, Kenny gives us the lowdown on 'The Climbing Unit.'

For the ice lovers, Anna Wells gives a run down on her experiences at the Scottish Tooling series and making the Ice Climbing World Cup.

Our bike based athletes have also been busy, Paul Errington for starters is more often than not found on two wheels, but following last years Birkebeinermass cycle ride in Norway he's decided to switch to two ski's and take on the classic Birken cross country ski race. With zero experience, Paul's challenge to take on this 17,000 strong race with Henry Iddon started back in December. Two training trips to Norway under their belts and the race on 15th March, catch up on how they have been getting on.

Emily Chappell has been out finding some snow as well - this time in Iceland, in preparation for an extended ride in the future. Check out how she has been getting on dealing with locals 'advice'.

While also on the cold theme Helen Lloyd has been biking across Russia, she contemplates why she is taking the journey and if just 'surviving is the aim?

Dom Bush and Joe Beaumont have been gaining plaudits for the In The Frame short Little Chamonix. After premier at Kendal Mountain Film Festival this month it picked up best short at Fort William Mountain Festival and the Osprey Short Film Awards 2014 at Keswick Film festival.

Lastly. while we have been pining for some snow to go and play in, the Renegade snowbord team are ripping it up in Kyrgyzstan and enjoying exploring a possible new winter playground.

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