Tarzans, Tigers and Legends - summer bouldering league finale

By Kenny Stocker

It is unbelievable to think that we are approaching the end of summer and that snow will soon be piling up at our doors, but on Friday evening the sun set for the final time on this years Climbing Unit summer bouldering league.

The high turnout of climbers at every round proves that even when it gets a little bit sticky, if the quality of route setting is high and the hospitality is exceptional climbers just lose themselves to their inner monkey.

Now firmly established as one of the premier bouldering venues in the Midlands the Climbing Unit offers coaching and graded climbing circuits at all levels in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you are competitive climber or a social climber, the summer and winter bouldering leagues provide dates you can fix in your diary to focus and structure your performance.

Fridays round brought together all the thrills and spills of the series with the added bonus of double points, and we know what points mean!

As always there was a diverse mixture of problems: dynos, overhangs, bathangs, slabs, overhangs, jams and swinging obstacles, baffling problems that would draw Richard O'Brian back into the Crystal Maze.

Amongst the turnout were young Tarzans beating their bare chests, groups of friends challenging and encouraging each other to get up just one more problem, young tigers showing their parents height and strength can be overcome with flexibility and tenacity, and of course wily legends quietly going about their business and racking up the points.

For others the home cooked pizzas or jars of Haribos provided personal challenges to either smash or resist.

There were several pauses for spot raffle prizes during the evening - an excellent opportunity to rest, for the wily a chance to blitz a few routes whilst it was quieter.

Prizes were dished out at the end of the evening, but whether we walked away with an Alpkit bouldering mat, a RAB chalk bag, a crate of beer or some new stories we all left with tired arms and smiles on our faces.

Well done to everyone for giving it a go. Well done to Dan and the Climbing Unit team for delivering the goods again… now get in training for the winter league.

Post prize giving update: Unfortunately we had to disqualify everyone for blatantly ignoring the Units house rule of no black soled shoes!

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