Sun warms the Welsh Ride Thing

By Izzy Bolger

If you’re not familiar with the Welsh Ride Thing (WRT), then here’s a bit of info to bring you up to speed and maybe inspire you for next year. The WRT is hosted by Bear Bones Bikepacking and is 3 days and 2 nights of bikepacking in mid Wales, raising £1500 for the Welsh Air Ambulance charity. This year was the 5th Anniversary of the event and Bear Bones Bikepacking introduced the WRT-Lite aimed at people who couldn’t commit to the whole weekend. The WRT-Lite is 2 days and 1 night of bikepacking and you still get cake and tea when you’ve finished!

The week running up to the WRT was a busy few evenings baking what seemed to be a mountain of cake, but the outcome was worth it. I believe it was well received at the finish of WRT.

You can enter the lightest bike competition at the WRT, which Nick was keen to win. We’d seen him gathering his kit together for the WRT making everything as small, compact and lightweight as possible and this proved to be the winning formula as he won this year’s lightest bike at a minuscule 36 lbs (16kg). Kenny weighed in at 48 lbs (21kg), still light but he’d taken his SLR camera and a few other electronic goodies so that we’d have some good pictures for this news article. We’ll be developing and manufacturing some of the kit Nick and Kenny used for the WRT, so keep an eye out in our newsletter.

As a sponsor of the event we donated a lightweight down sleeping bag for the prize draw, this will have been very welcome on Saturday night when temperatures dropped to freezing.

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