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04.03.2013 | The price of down and SkyeHigh prices drop. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Alpkit are making a number of changes to their sleeping bag ranges and in order for the SkyeHigh range to remain by far the UK’s best value down bags they will be switching to a premium duck down later in the year. In order to pass these savings on straight away they have reduced their remaining goosedown SkyeHigh’s in line with these predicted prices. Hardened traveller, or a one off - if you’ve got a trip planned this year then nows the ideal time to get kitted out.

So why are we changing the SkyeHigh’s to duck down?
When we first brought out the SkyeHigh range they were undoubtably the best value down sleeping bag, spec for spec above anything else. There is no doubt that both goose and duck down have seen a significant increase in their prices as raw materials increase, which is at odds at the price offered by some brands and retailers. We have watched the goose down prices rise over the last 6/7 years and have seen the slow replacement of goose with duck down at entry level products offered by most premuim brands.
The demand for down and feather has been unprecedented and there isn’t enough raw material to satisfy this demand, with the majority of down not used for jackets but for duvets traditionally in the US, Western Europe and Japan. With the increased demand in China for these products outdoor comapnies are having a hard time and have to adapt.
If we take a slightly cynical view we can see a few things happen in the market the move from goose down to duck down on cheaper jackets, thinner baffles mean less down and the description of the type of down not always being clear or incorrect to the consumer at the point of purchase. The increasing SkyeHigh prices has seen them mixing with the hefty discounting of other brands, while people have been comparing them directly with duck down bags of similar prices. While on spec they remained probably the best value goosedown bags on the market, it took them away from the original premiss of the SkyeHigh range - a high quality down bag at close to or better prices than a synthetic, giving people a real synthetic alternative.
We don’t make low quality kit, but due to our sales methods we do offer high value, so the award winning SkyeHigh will continue to offer outstanding performance for the right price. With a switch to duck down planned later this year we can continue to offer the best value down bags in the UK and Alpkit will yet again set the benchmark. Although future pricing isn’t 100% confirmed we would like to come very close to offering a 650 fill power bag for £100, to sit alongside our remaining goose down ranges. This will set them around 40% cheaper than our closest rivals.
But it doesn’t end there! We have decided to pass on the savings straight away by reducing the last remaining stock of SkyeHigh goosedown bags as close to the new bag prices as possible. It’s not often you can get goose down bags at duck down prices, let alone when they are at Alpkits already competitive prices! So whether off on a gap year, charity trek or organised expedition, now is the time to get a remarkable deal.

The UK's hugely popular Filo goose down jacket has become even more popular! Currently on sale. £80 - down from £120.



SkyeHigh 600 now £110 | SkyeHigh 800 now £130 | SkyeHigh 1000 now £150/p>

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