School of Adventure Film and Photography

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Course Spotlight - School of Adventure Film and Photography.

Run by two profesionals within the field, Dom Bush and Alex Ekins, this unique Big Shakeout workshop you will have the chance to learn the skills and techniques necessary to give your work direction and see if you have what it takes to become an outdoor photojournalist, photographer or film maker. The course will have a good mix of classroom based informative sessions on all topics that need to be considered, plus of course plenty of practical time.

Oh and don't forget.. this course includes your Big Shakeout weekend ticket and what should be a nice goody bag too!

Some info on our lecturers!

Dom Bush.

Dom is an adventure filmmaker, living and working in The Lake District. Dom had his first premier at last years Kendal film festival with Islands. Dom has spent the early part of this year filming and directing Hot Aches Productions ‘Odyssey’ - a road movie that celebrates the best of British trad climbing and is currently working on ‘Edgelands’ a commissioned work to be premiered at this years Kendal Mountain Film Festival. On a much smaller scale, but important to us, last year Dom produced our Big Shakeout video.

You can read more about Dom and his take on last years Big Shakeout and the course he is running:Land and Sky Media

Alex Ekins

Alex is a UK based photographer and photojournalist specialising in photojournalism, international adventure travel, documentary outdoor and architectural images. Last year Alex documented the Wideboyz Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker on their mission to climb the world’s hardest offwidths in America. He recently got back from Everest base camp where he undertook a portrait project of everyone there, from porters to cooks. Alex is also a qualified Mountain Guide and member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI).

You can read more about Alex and his work on his blog.

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