Rovaniemi 150 - the finish

By Col

Shaggy, Toni and Lee finish, Ed seemed to duck the mug shot and find the bar.

conditions were more favourable this year which was reflected in the times. Alpkit was represented with some great performances (highlighted in bold). The organisers did a fantastic job of keeping everybody informed of progress on the Rovaniemi 150 facebook page, which seemed to keep friends and relatives glued to the computer for updates. Get over there to check out plenty of photos from the weekend.


1st Jan Kopka.17 hours 17 minutes.

2nd. Shaggy.18 hours and 37 minutes.

3rd. Ed Oxley.22 hours 32 minutes.

4th.Jarmo Järvinen. 26 hours 08 minutes.

5th. Toni Lund.26 hours 54 minutes.


1st.David Robisco. 31 hours 59 minutes

2nd.Dario Valsesia.35 hours 29minutes.

3rd. Lee Peyton.35hours 48minutes.

for further information on the race check out the Rovaniemi 150 website.

STOP PRESS: we tracked down a finising photo of Ed and our suspisions were confirmed...

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