Rope Rugs from Green Peak Gear

By Jay Oram

Green Peak Gear is a Community Interest Company - we first met them at our Big Shakeout event in 2012, liked what they were doing and asked if we could stock some of their stuff and promote their aims. GPG collects used climbing gear and makes it into all sorts of products. Their profits are donated to the Access Conservation Trust - the charity arm of the British Mountaineering Council. Green Peak Gear is looking for more climbing walls to join the scheme, so if you think you can help just get in touch.

We had a few of their rope rugs in before and found our friends, family and staff bought them all! So with all the positive feedback we got some more and managed to reduce the price further.

Grab a piece of climbing heritage, put some money towards conserving access to your favourite climbing venues and gain something durable to wipe the mud off your boots.

Green Peak Gear Available for Sale here/p>

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