Polaris challenge

By Kenny Stocker

The Polaris Challenge began in Autumn 1991 as the very first two day Mountain Biking Orienteering event in the World. There are three events in the UK each year, with events in Australia, South Africa and France. The Polaris Challenge is a two-day event, combining mountain biking with navigation and touring."

That's what it is but.. Who Takes the Challenge? "Anyone who loves mountain biking. You can take the Polaris Challenge seriously and go for maximum points or treat it as a good excuse for a fun weekend of adventurous riding" step forward Alpkit Jim, he is up for the challenge and receiving the full support of his Alpkit buddies. With just over a month to go our main priority is to give Jim as much time in the saddle as possible whilst we think of his kit. The required kit list is pretty strict but we want to know your hints and tips on how to shave off the grams, how to carry it and pretty much anything else that will give Jim a competitive advantage.

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