Phud... Not just for Climbing?

By Jay Oram

The National Railway Museum York are currently using a Phud bouldering mat to soften the landing of Barbie/Cindy (maybe even a Ken) Doll. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

At Alpkit we produce a range of foam mats for low level rock climbing, this helps prevent injury if a climber did fall off. But there are other uses;

The Museum are enticing kids and adults in with science shows throughout the weekend and school holidays. The new custom made 'impact mat' will be used in their interactive show ‘From Rocket to Bullet: The Science of How Trains Move!’, where they use an elephant launcher, cannon launch and doll to demonstrate steam pressure.

With our factory based in the same open plan showroom as the Alpkit team, we can make these one off items here in the UK with a quick turnaround.

Continual development, custom products and large runs of our bouldering mats are all handled with ease in house, although some of the factory staff's singing is a little out of tune, we prefer to have them with us here at Alpkit HQ than far overseas.

All of thisgot us thinking, what else could a foam bouldering mat be used for?

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