Our first batch of UK made boulder mats

By Kenny Stocker

We have a small quantity of rough cut Mujo and Waffa bouldering mats available now These are the first bouldering mats made by the guys training in our workshop, and as such have a few minor flaws and discrepancies which we wouldn’t expect on a pad made post training.

The carry system on the Mujo is the same versatile strap we used on the Phud and Woomf. The flaws are minor and won’t effect the use or the performance of the pad in anyway. They are good, honest and trustworthy pads.

The only corners we have cut on Mujo and Waffa are the ones on the pads themselves. The rounded corners make the pads more difficult to make but they reduce wear points which is good long term. Made right here in our own workshop we are in total control of every element, from the fabric to the seams to the thread holding it together. The shell is a burly 1000D Cordura, not some far eastern copy spelt slightly differently, this is the real deal. By buying this pad you are funding a bunch of climbers to go and do what they love to do.. climb.

Based on some in-depth research by Pete, as well as listening to what our customers have to say, and reinforced by our own climbers feedback we have changed the proportions and densities of the foam inside our pads. We have increased the thickness of the closed cell top sheet and reduced it’s density whilst reducing the thickness of the open cell foam and increasing its density. This gives a sweeter, softer feeling landing surface that is perfectly capable of handling the landings but reduces the hard jarring effect. This close density match of the top and bottom layers also combines to increase the long term durability of the foam and reduces the fade noticed after heavy long term use. The foam we purchase is from the same suppliers as we have always done and it is as good as it gets, we have never used cheap packaging foam.

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