OSS Adventure Swims

By Col

We are all up for a bit of adventure and so we are delighted to be supporting a new series of swims organised byThe Outdoor Swimming Society. They have just launched their Adventure swims, aimed at offering their members a chance to try something that they either hadn't thought about, or normally wouldn't have an opportunity to try. We're not a company that you'd perhaps immediately link to water based activities like swimming, as we don't sell wet suits, snorkles or indeed inflatable crocodiles. But the whole essence of the OSS and wild swimming is one of freedom and exploration into the outdoors, something we love supporting. Drybags, Gourdon rucksacks all go to help keep things dry amongst the wet, whilea warm post swim down jacket lets you recover and reminisce about what you've just done.

Col, adventure swimmer hopeful, demonstrates how he's probably better off staying on dry land.

Well the first set of swims have been announced and they promise to take fans of open water swimming into "places (mental, physical or geographical) that they may never have been before". The swims range from a secretive North Devon cave swim, a slingshot around tidal waters of the Bristol channel coast and a island circumnavigaition off the Isle of Skye. The beauty of it all being that they are free. These swims are offered to members of the OSS, by members of the OSS. There are limited places in each, so there is a selection process that sets out certian criteria you must meet.

You can register up to the 24th August for a place, but you'll need to sign up to the OSSfirst if you're not already.

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