News from the backroom

By Nick

There have been a lot of changes at Alpkit over the summer months. Some of them major some of them not, some that might effect you and some that you won’t even have noticed.

Moving - Firstly we have moved, it’s not far, just next door but we had run out of space and we needed a bigger warehouse. Just like moving house it was a bit stressful and gave us a chance to look at what we do and how we do it. In a company like Alpkit things tend to happen quite organically. We all think this is a good thing, but as we grew and took on staff our old office did turn into a bit of a hotch potch. This time we have tried to tailor the inside space to how we use it. Col will get a new photo studio. Jim, Pete and myself will get our own sample room, and Jenni will finally get a heated office with a bit more light. The new office should be finished by the start of October but shouldn’t effect anyone, unless you come to visit us, in which case we are next door, knock on the door that says ALPKIT.

Couriers - We have recently done the rounds getting some quotes from our carriers and have decided to stick with City Link, we know that they are not perfect but our local Ilkeston branch are awesome and this helps us help you. On the other hand DHL who we use for our European parcels are terrible and we know it. We have been trying to get someone to replace them, and are very close to signing a deal to replace them.

Cart System - This could easily be the quickest way to poor good money down the drain, but Ken and Jim are on the hunt trying to find the Holy Grail. Our current system has served us well for a few years but just like our old office we are stretching its capabilities. The hunt will go on until we find something that fits our business model and help us deliver the kind of service we are happy with.

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