Mytimug withdrawn temporarily

By Alpkit

We always knew when we launched Alpkit just over a year ago we would put a few noses out of joint. Our method of sourcing and retailing products allows our prices to be far more favourable to the consumer. We have received an email from Vargo Outdoors requesting we withdraw the MyTi Mug from sale immediately as this was their design. We have temporarily withdrawn the Myti Mug from sale until we can clarify everyone’s position.

We understand the frustrations of designs being copied and sold under different brand names completely, this has happen to us whilst working for other companies. We would love to design every piece of equipment on the Alpkit site from scratch but that is going to take along time. Until then, like many other companies, we will continue to fill voids with off the shelf products that we can then later redesign and improve.

The Asian sourcing environment is rife with illegal copies as well as legitimate re-saleable designs. Many factories develop products which they then sell to customers. Some customers further develop products before re-sale, some just change the packaging. This makes it extremely hard know who owns a product when it is offered for sale. We have been looking for titanium products for the past six months and found at least three different sources offering this particular mug for sale. We’ll respect any design rights Vargo have on the mug as we don’t want to be known as the guys that just copy stuff. But equally we don’t want to be the guys who can’t sell something because we sell it too cheaply!

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