MytiMug is back, and 3grams lighter

By Alpkit

As you may be aware Vargo has been in contact about our MytiMug, which is identical to the Vargo Ti-Lite Mug that is also sold on some UK lightweight gear sites. Unknown to us it was sold to us by his factory without his permission. We displayed a sample of the mug at the Outdoors Show in March as well it being featured in a news article on the Outdoorsmagic site in the same month. Nobody made us aware the mould for this mug was owned by Vargo at any point. We then placed an order for the mugs nearly 2 months later still without comment from anyone.

Vargo did ask us to withdraw this product from sale and return it to the factory for a refund. We felt this was an pointless exercise as all we would do is send them back, have a new mould made to our design and have it on sale again in less than a month. Maybe for less than £15. The environmental costs of sending them back only to bring out an almost identical mug a month later also don’t stack up. Vargo also asked if we would increase the price but this also is not an option as Alpkit is fundamentally about sourcing and selling products direct and passing on those savings to the customer. We have agreed to sell the stock we have, change the lid handle as this was in process anyway (and has made the MytiMug another couple of grams lighter). and develop our own design going forward.

We are not about putting as many people out of business as possible. To us, our brand is all about the internet, offering customers sustainable and realistic prices whilst enabling us to develop our products and brand in many directions. We are far from being able to offer the range, advice or service as a traditional bricks and mortar store but we’re working on it, thanks for your support.

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