Monster Trail

By Col

Yeti, Bigfoot, Nandi Bear, Bunyip. Legendary creatures within cryptozoology, famed for either their elusivness or ferocity. There have been countless supposed sightings or encounters of these creatures, whether real or within folklore. We've finally located the whereabouts of the final one, The Yeti. But now are you ready to head out on a trail of discovery and potentially reap the benefits of your efforts?

You've got to be quick though, this is a race against time as there are plenty of people wanting toget there first. So if you don't beat eveyone else in discovering and proving the existence of any of these mythical beasts then you wont be able to claim the bounty.

If you are a little lost on where to start your journey, then let us help you. Talented illustrator Andy Smith has experience of these creatures, sketching some profiles from 1st hand encounters and listening to the stories of wise old locals. We got in touch and had a chat to him, so what better place to start your journey than on his profile page.

Update: Sorry all the monsters have been found, but please do read all about Andy and check out his amazing monster T-Shirts!!

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