Mini Adventurer

By Col

Course Spotlight: Mini Adventurer

Tailored specifically for the mini adventurer to explore the Thornbridge site. This course is aimed at the 4-8 year olds with a range of activities designed to encourage team work and exploration of nature.

Parents must be present to keep protective eyes on their little ones, but not to get too involved. This is all about letting them tackle and overcome challenges by themselves. But fear not, a Thornbridge instructor will be there to encourage and guide them as they progress around the circuit.

The Molehill

a purpose built tunnel network which must be navigated to escape at its far end. It’s a dark place, but they will have some torches to help them on their way. There are also some interesting mole facts to learn on the way through as well!

Low Ropes

challenges in balance, trust and confidence, tailored specifically towards this age group.

They will then move on to learn how to use their senses to make it around the Nightline before a session on the Thornbridge climbing wall.

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