Mayhem framebag winner

By Col

"middle-aged man with swish new frame bag" Mayhem 2012 framebag winner- James Smith

After a wet and muddy trip to Mountain Mayhem this year, James Smith showed a keen ability to count jelly beans through a semi-opaque framebag. In doing so he ended up winner of our framebag competition and here shows off the new addition to his bike kit having just recieved only the second one off our production line.

"I've got it! I couldn't be more pleased - thank you so very, very much.

It's fits absolutely perfectly on my 1999 Trek 8900 (authentic Chilterns mud pictured) - how cool am I? Too cool for school! That's how cool (also over twenty years too old for school, but that's another issue...).

I cannot wait to use it in anger.

Thanks again,


well done James, now you have no excuses not to take up bike-packing!

further info on Alpkit framebags

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