Lancashire Boys & Girls Club

By Alpkit

A little while ago, we reported that the Alpkit Foundation was supporting Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs. The Association was formed in 1934 and works with over 45 affiliated clubs throughout Lancashire. They aim to assist and support these clubs in providing a safe and exciting place for young people, where they can participate in a range of activities, develop through positive experiences, make new friends, learn about themselves and realise their potential.

The funding which the Alpkit Foundation provided, enabled Lancashire Boys & Girls club to remove finance as a barrier to participation. This allowed a group of 10 disadvantaged young people to attend a week long personal development course at Ormside Mill Residential Centre. Activities included caving, canoeing, abseiling, and a 24 hour wild expedition, involving a scramble up Weatherlam and an overnight bivvy. For many this was the first opportunity to participate in such activities, and as they completed each challenge their confidence and self-esteem grew.

As well as the adventurous activities, the group completed a social action project to give something back to the residential centre. Ormside Mill was badly affected by the flooding during the winter, in fact it flooded 6 times, leaving a lot of damage and flood debris within the grounds. Despite best efforts of the staff and volunteers, flood debris remained in the grounds. The group were therefore tasked with finishing off the ‘clear up,’ making the grounds once again safe and useable.

During the end of the course presentation, the group described the benefits as follows:

“These experiences can help us in the future in many different ways. These experiences can help us in the future to motivate us. If we get faced with hard tasks that we think we cannot do, we can think back to the fears we have overcome this week which can motivate us to push ourselves in future tasks.”

“After this experience, we can use the team work skills we picked up to use in our future/current work places to bring the workplace together and more efficient as a team.”

“Also we could use our communication skills that we learnt/improved to talk to our work colleagues, friends and family better which will make us come across as even better people than we already are”

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