Kayak Borneo Rolling Expedition

By Jay Oram

Kayak Borneo - Part of the Plan from tom haywood on Vimeo.

The Rolling Expedition is a planned assault on Borneo’s whitewater potential, with a unique plan to make sure there is a team of four paddlers constantly in Borneo, while team members are replaced when they need to get back to work or studying.

The advantage of having a long period of time in the jungle will allow the team to share contacts. By extending their stay through the rainy and the ‘less’ rainy seasons means the team are hoping to explore more rivers and gain more first descents.

The expedition will undertake major multi-day trips within the jungle and this is where we come in. The team have chosen our versatile lightweight tarp, Rig 7, that will easily stow in their boats as well as other small essential items such as titanium cutlery and dry bags - we hope to make their stay quite comfy.

The style of rivers in Borneo, long, steep and full of waterfalls, as well as the remoteness all add to the excitement. It is a strong team of paddlers, most of whom we first met when they were part of the annual British Universities Kayaking Expeditions, which we have supported over the past three to four years. They have accumulated a lot of experience throughout five different continents and all have a large number of first descents to their names. Not an easy expedition by any means, but one we are happy to be involved with.

The Team -

Dave Burne -
A member of the 2007 British Universities Expedition completing first descents in Siberia and Mongolia he also led an expedition to Tajikistan in 2010 and the Sri Lankan jungle in 2011.

Tom Haywood -
Having been paddling since he was eleven he has been on expeditions to Montenegro, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Iceland.

Rob Moffat -
Rob was the leader of the 2011 British Universities Kayaking Expedition to Venezuela, alongside expedition paddling in Nepal and India as well as kayaking throughout Europe, Turkey and Chile.

Sean Ziehm-Stephen -
An outdoor and physical education teacher based in the Scottish Hebrides with trips under his belt to Mongolia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka to name just a few.

Dom Burrow -
An experienced boater before University and since then he has paddled in Uganda, Corsica and enjoys exploring the Scottish Highlands. Always keen to explore the next horizon line.

Jonny Hawkins -
Having spent 2 months kayaking in Venezuela on the British University Kayaking Expedition and then paddling around Scotland in a sea kayak, he is very excited to get back to the jungle for some whitewater.

Nick Bennett -
Having experience paddling all over Scotland and further afield in France, Corsica, Norway, Uganda, Canada and the USA he also summited Africa’s tallest mountain.

Ben McKeown -
A keen ecologist and the teams only canoe paddler, he is excited to explore Borneo’s Rainforests and seek out some whitewater.

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