Kangri put through it's paces

By Kenny Stocker

Graham Desroy, Jon Ratcliffe joined Mick Fowler and Dave Turnbull to visit the Mugu Region of Nepal. Graham took a Kangri along for some comfort.

The tent was mainly used at Base camp at 4300m in the Kojichuwa Valley in the Mugu region of Nepal. Mugu is in a remote area of western Nepal, involving a 50 mile walk in to near the Tibetan border.

Graham and Jon climbed up to 5800m that was on the border (they were very disappointed that border security was so lax and that no one was available to stamp their passports!). Other members of the team, Mick Fowler and Dave Turnbull of the BMC did a predictably hard and epic route again on the border.

Kangri Tent
Graham - “Despite causing great amusement to others the first time I tried to work out how to pitch it - spatial awareness is not my strong point - I like this tent.”

The pitching was hard to get used to, but when the guys knew the poles weren’t going to snap, it pitched easy and the inner was pulled very taught. There was enough room to spread the mess out and also to kneel or sit up comfortably. There was enough ventilation and no condensation compared to some other tents there. The portholes were great for spotting “marauding yaks who kept coming too close for comfort.”

The hanging points, stow pockets, internal mesh and fabric ends and zips great - the external fly gives you plenty of options and the stuff bag is perfect, easy to stuff!”

Mugu Region Nepal 2011 - Graham ‘streaky’ Desroy DMM International Man of Mystery.

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More about the Kangri tent, available online now.

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