Just So 2012

By Col

Just So festival is very much a kids centric festival, packed full of child focussed activities and entertainment, from yoga to flying machines. It's not our typical event to have a presence at, no climbing, no biking, more fairies and pirates than outdoor pursuits. It does however channel families to play outdoors through activities dotted amongst the varying natural features of the site, and which kids don't enjoy getting mucky? Imagination through wonderment to enchantment, the kids all seemed to be having a great time.

As an outdoor comany we have always been keen to encourage families to explore the outdoors and especially when you see the excitement and fascination that is so evidently present in many children. Our display of 5 Heksa tents provided accommodation for families, while our Dozermats added some comfort, bridging over the gap between fair weather to the really adventurous families, while our teepee added a chill zone from the rain. Next for the families, Big Shakeout? Encouraging families to play together, or let the kids run free, while taking part in a variety of adventurous activities from skyropes to caving. Where true mini adventurers can flourish.

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