It's all abut the passion

By Kenny Stocker

I was cc'd in one of Jims emails in which he was describing the coLAB award. I thought he summed up the spirit of the award really well, perhaps better than any of us had managed to do so. In this respect its not really my post but Jims:
Basically we thought the outdoors show was lacking in stuff to go oooh! So we thought we'd launch a competition that would give the guy on the hill the opportunity to design want they really wanted. We are looking for the redbull stove kind of people, people who can identify a problem and solve it. It doesn't matter how small the potential market for their idea maybe. We'll try and help them with their idea in the final stages of the competition as much as we can. We want to try and ensure the stand at the outdoors show has products and people on it that will attract the public to vote on the winner. This isn't about Alpkit looking for new products, however if there is a killer product that comes out of it we'd be stupid not to talk to the winner about a deal for us to licence their product.
It is a hard competition to try and put down into words because for us its all about the passion. The passion to design and source equipment that would make the time on the hill all the more enjoyable. Thats why I think a Podcast is perfect way to communicate the idea.
We are organising the competition, putting the money in to build the stand etc and yes hopefully we'll get more exposure. But its a lot more than that, hopefully it will give the guys a chance to bring their ideas from around the pub table and show their sheds to the public.

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