Introducing the Osmosno Brothers

By Col

Lots of people love traveling, I certainly do, but nowhere near as much as I'd like. Finding the time or excuse can be hard. Then there are others that make it their life. The Osmosno Brothers contacted us because they liked who we were and what we did, they didn't really want anything other than to tell us what they were up to. Their up coming trip was set, single speed, fixed wheel, minimum gear from Singapore to Shanghai. Another 5 months, another 7 thousand kilometres. At first I was a little confused by what they did, so I asked when their last trip started and ended, they came back with.."To answer your last question about the start and finish of our trip, we are on the road for more than ten years. We do have summer holidays in our home countries, the UK and Holland but we live in our travels, we don't have homes. It is a way of life". Now when someone says "it's a way of life" I get a bit suspicious, come on, is it really?? But to have spent ten years in near constant travel, with a 'holiday' back to see friends and family, then there is undoubtably some level of submission to this way of life. As Sebastian talks about in a recent post.. " It is a yearly event when I am back in Holland in Summer. I rummage through the five boxes that contain all my possessions looking for items unused and forgotten. Every year I find unnecessary things that I can get rid of. All I need is usually with me on my travels anyway. In Holland in storage I keep some bicycle parts, outdoor travel gear, some clothes and two guitars. One box is filled with memories embodied by photographs, published articles, small gifts of special people, my first Bowie album, lettres and other old-fashioned correspondence with friends. This way I keep my life light, flexible, and affordable." Looking and reading through their site and blog it is clear to see that this has consumed them, is it now a way for them to question and understand their lives on this Earth? So it is with interest that I follow their next trip and look forward to some great images and updates as they travel on. check out Osmosno and Osmosno Blog and from the Brothers themselves.... Osmosno is Sebastian Wevers from Holland and David Walker from the U.K. Both are full time travellers for already more than a decade. Most of the year they can be found on long distance bicycle journeys. In between those they work as a tour leader, visit friends and family and spend some time on a beach" "As we reach higher grounds the views open to wide and open lands with a range of snow-capped mountains at the horizon. The wind picks up and with temperatures dropping to below zero during this last hour of daylight we start looking for a place to camp. Soon we find a small hill with a flat surface a bit off the road. The altitude of almost five thousand metres, the rocks and snow and a fully loaded bicycle make it quite a struggle to get there but it will be worth it. Here we can enjoy nice views in the morning whilst sipping coffee hiding from the cold in our down sleeping bags and jackets. Mornings like these are enough reason to keep travelling.

Alpkit's Col was an aspirant traveller back in the day, but soon realised he wasn't committed enough for it, perhaps he became a little too used to his creature comforts, now he has the added complication of justifying any trips to his wife and daughter, or maybe working a way for all to go together.

Osmosno is Sebastian Wevers and David Walker, two adventure travellers who met in Kathmandu in a pre-Facebook era when travellers still used beverage establishments to meet one another. David was motorcycling from Europe across Asia, Sebastian was doing a world tour on a bicycle. Both being full time travellers their paths kept crossing.
One winter, finding David travelling in South East Asia without his motorcycle, Sebastian suggested to try a bicycle. They set off for a short cycle ride in Thailand. Six months later they were looking back on a journey that took them through remote parts of China and across the border into Burma. Many journeys followed, the “Osmosno Adventure Team” was born.
The word osmosno was picked up in a small border town in China as a warning about the road ahead given by a friendly and helpful Chinese man. Unfortunately osmosno doesn’t seem to exist in any vocabulary so the Osmosno Brothers were lost in translation. There was only one way to find out the meaning of osmosno; to go and see.

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