Introducing the Alpkit Foundation

By David Hanney

We want to make it easy for people to get outdoors. So we’re donating 1% of our sales or 10% of our profit to directly support real people doing real things.

We have all experienced the benefits of being outside but schools can't take kids on fields trips or to climbing walls because of the cost of hiring a coach; scout groups need equipment; expeditions needing first-aiders to be viable; conservation projects are threatened by lack of funds.

So we’ve gone direct and set up an independent charity to get support from us to those that need it with the minimum of fuss.

It's easy to apply. Go to the AK Foundation website and fill in the application form. The questions are quite detailed so that we have enough information to assess each application. We’ll then tell you when the trustees next meet and you’ll hear back soon after. The criteria is simple: if your project meets our aims and we have the money then you’ll get the support.

The kind of projects we’ll support are:

•£50 to £500 cash to individuals, schools and organisations to go on trips that otherwise wouldn’t be viable; e.g. giving a cash grant to a school to fund transport costs

•Providing discounted equipment to individuals, schools and organisations at discounts that wouldn’t be commercially viable without support from the Alpkit Foundation

•Supporting education programs; e.g. grants for expedition First Aiders or Mountain Leader Training that wouldn’t be possible without Alpkit Foundation support

•Supporting conservation projects; e.g. grants to help rewild woodland

The charity is the real deal and anyone can donate to it. It is registered with the Charities Commission (Number 1162585) and is completely independent to Alpkit. We’ll have 7 trustees who meet regularly including an independent trustee, a staff trustee and a customer trustee.

We want people to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from ‘Going Nice Places and Doing Good Things’. Now we have the charity we’re here to give the support - if you know anyone that may benefit then please pass on this message.

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