Introducing some new staff!

By Jay Oram

There have been some big changes in the Alpkit team over the past couple of months. Both Pete and Anna took some life changing decisions and set out to explore life outside of Alpkit. Rebecca is expecting a baby, and Jim has just had one! With all this going on we needed a few extra pairs of hands to help out!

We have been looking for an experienced machinist to work alongside Ben in the factory - Ant has taken up the challenge.Ant is a climber based in the local area who in his spare time makes some of his own kit, well versed on a domestic sewing machine, the slightly faster machines took a bit of getting used to. If you buy a piece of UK made kit now, Ant has most definitely had a hand in either cutting the fabric, sewing it together or adding the zips. With all the stress(!) involved at Alpkit HQ Ant has to vent it out at Kendo and boxing classes after work.

The Customer Service team has almost doubled in strength;James Shaw started recently - a nationally ranked road cyclist - who can cycle faster than all of us put together! It’s his first job and he has been answering e-mails and helping out with phone queries. He’s been trying to spread the knowledge on nutrition, but on Chippy Thursday and Pie day Friday, we’re not quite following his shining example.

Ashleigh Naysmith one of the original Alpkit bouldering team and long time climbing lover, ex Junior and Senior British Team member comes in as part of our customer service team. With more time out on the rock than we can get during a working week the experience and product testing she can do will help us continually improve our gear.

With all the extra products coming out from the factory and a step up in time spent out playing we have also gained two strong guys to pack orders, sort the warehouse out and do all the heavy lifting.Derrick Bolger has come to relax after running Nottingham Climbing Centre and pack a few parcels, make more tea than anyone can drink whilst sharing some well earned rock climbing experiences, including his first ascents of Curving Arete (E5 6b) and Birchtree Eliminate (E4 6b). If he hasn’t climbed it in the UK it’s probably not worth doing!

Last but no means least is Ed - young and enthusiastic he cycles into work no matter what the weather, puts our new bike luggage through it’s paces and has become an expert on any repairs we need doing. Although a bit shaky on identifying animals (What goats do you know that look like camels?) he has no problems telling the difference between a Y-beam and a Candy Cane for your parcel.

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