International Delivery: Track Your Item from Door to Door

By Alpkit

Since the very early days when it was just AlpNick, Ken, Col and Jim packing all theparcels, we knew that offering a comprehensive delivery service was a priority to our customers. Our customers have always been the most improtant part of Alpkit since day 1.

Well, we've ever so slightlygrown since then, and rather than delivering packages to our mates down the road, we've been shipping outdoor kit all over the World, from Canada to Argentina, Monaco to Mongolia.

The gear that's helping people to Go Nice Places, Do Good Things has spread far and wide. Further than we'd ever dreamed of way back when it all began. And it brings a smile to our faces every time we think about our kit being out there with you.

AlpCol once said, “Times they are a-changin’.”… or was that someone else? Either way, with kit being sent out across the Globe, it’s time we did something to make life for all our incredible customers living outside the UK a little easier.

Photo: positiivi_teme | Finalnd
Photo: Pieterjan Poelaert | Benelux

Introducing ‘last-mile-tracking’ and free delivery for international orders.

Now when you place an order outside of the UK, you can see when John and Degs pack it up from the warehouse shelf and hand it on to the delivery driver here in the UK.

You will be given a tracking code to use that will show you every step of your parcels expedition, venturing into the big wide World on it’s way to you.

Via the tracking portal, you will also be given a local tracking code and a link to your local courier. It’s this bit that really makes a difference.

Rather than sending parcels through huge international delivery companies where items get lost without a trace, your parcel will now be tracked to your door through your best local courier.

It’s these guys that know your village, town or city like the back of their hand, and you’ll be able to see the time they collect your parcel from the local depot, to the knock on the door as they hand you your package of much loved outdoor kit.

Any issues, you’ll be able to chat directly to your local courier in your own language to re-schedule or organise collection of your parcel. Just like if you were ordering a bit of kit from your mates up the road, and that’s just the way we like it.

Not only can you track your parcel directly to your door, but now we're extending our free delivery service for non bulky items around the World. You'll need to spend either £50, £70 or £100 depending on what country you're in, but you can read all about our international shipping rates here.

Photo: Marcel Bak | Norway
Photo: essen_2 | Sweden

We’re over the moon to be able to offer this service for our international customers, and we hope you are too.

Thank you all and we’ll see you through the post-man!

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