Grand Designs

By Kenny Stocker

With the launch of the 2013 Big Shakeout site we will have taken a small step along the evolutionary 'online' ladder. We first launched our website in 2004 with a few t-shirts, 4 people and enough time to play computer games in the afternoon. Our site hasn't much changed since then, it was built like a squat natural stone building which, although clunky in places and not easy to adapt, felt warm and comfortable to live in. There wasn't much that couldn't be solved with more manpower and it has served us well.

Time moves on, the joysticks have disappeared from the desks, there are more people, more products, more customers and more ideas brewing. It was time for us to dig out some new foundations and start working on a new online platform. With the 2013 Big Shakeout site we have built a small outhouse to learn the new building techniques needed to build a beautiful new home.

As life seemingly gets more complicated and with the crazy range of devices people are using to browse our site, staying simple has become harder to achieve. The next few months are going to be testing but rewarding times. We are happy with how the outhouse turned out and over the next few months the rest of our site will follow suit, but we will still be living in our old house while this happens. For a while it is going to feel like we are prancing around in a new pair of trainers, scared of getting them scuffed and irrationally self-conscious that everyone is pointing at them.

Just like the design of our kit we believe simpler is better and that's not going to change in our new home and we hope you'll enjoy a better visiting experience, find it easier to locate content and have easier access to richer product information. From our point of view we are hoping it is going to be easier to manage and more flexible in what it will allow us to do. Less hitting our heads on low beams, bigger windows to look out of and a brighter place to show off who we are and what we do.

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