Film Premier- Made in Iceland

By Col

We were pleased to support the Shipwrecked Rambler on her solo trek across Iceland last month.
She was filming her trip. “In this documentary I want to show Adventure is still possible. and necessary. I want to show, that if you leave your everyday life, and do something different, you will have a more interesting and richer life. Another statement of this documentary is, that you just got to do things. That you, yourself have to make the first step. It is important to embrace change, to see the different and your true self. “The Story of a Shipwrecked Rambler” is for everyone who still believes in his dreams and ideas. And for all of those who don’t. To remind them of the necessity of dreams, hope, and the need of courage to change your life.”

Well she made it back and has just released a trailer of the film. We are chuffed to be showing the premier at our Big Shakeout Adventure Film night on the 15th of October. We’re hoping to get a Daring Deed of her trip up soon.

MADE IN ICELAND from Klara Harden on Vimeo.

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