Figfour wins Innovation for Extremes Award

By Kenny Stocker

We first met Pete last summer. Curiously we were never actually interviewing him for a job, but his Fig-4 axes impressed us so much we thought we would offer him one. Despite some confusion over his origin he has integrated himself seamlessly into our small team.. although he still hasn’t introduced us to his coffee guy. It is great to see Pete get the recognition he deserves by winning the Innov_ex award and we look forward to seeing many more of his designs in the Alpkit range.

Innovation for Extremes Award Winner 2009

Figfour won the prestigious Innovation for Extremes Award in 2009. This award encourages future innovators in the outdoor trade and judging panel member Graham Thompson of Trail magazine commented:

"Without out doubt this is one of the most important innovations in outdoor equipment for many years. I expect every climbing wall in the country to have them available for hire alongside rock boots, harness and helmets in the future."

Read more on the Innov_ex website or check out the press release from the Outdoors Industry Association.

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