Factory Showroom now open

By Kenny Stocker

Our racks of monotone cardboard boxes were no longer doing it for us, the only time we would see all of our products nicely displayed, in one place, at the same time was at the Outdoor Show. This annual event always gave us a kick, but it was a lot of work for just 3 days. We had long lusted over a permanent display of our products, something that would inspire us each and every day, so there was nothing for it... we just had to break open those boxes and surround our working environment with the fruits of our labour.

With the investment in the factory came a bit more space, a nicer space, a space with windows and a space where the aroma of freshly ground coffee can drift freely and provacatively. It is big enough for us to have our tents on display, our sleeping mats fully inflated and our sleeping bags hanging from our walls. Although it is not quite as good as packing everything into a Chinook and flying out to the Alps it is a space we are proud of and goes someway to representing us as the company we think we are.

So if you are tired of us being trapped in the frame of your computer monitor, or you just want to see what we are like in 3D then come and pay us a visit in our new home.

Opening times
11.00 to 17.00 Monday - Friday

Closed weekends and bank holidays.

If you are travelling any great distance it is always worth giving us a quick ring so we are expecting you.