Emily Chappell

By Col

Alpkit are excited to be supporting self-powered explorer and cycle courier,Emily Chappell.

As 2014 rolls over into 2015, Emilywill set off on the second continent of her round-the-world bicycle journey - starting with a 4,000km unsupported ride through Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia. Emily's anticipating icy roads, temperatures as low as -40C, and more snow than she's ever seen. Through her adventure she will be kept toasty warm with a Filo down jacket, while her Caribou snowbike, generously supplied by Genesis Bikes, will be equipped with massive 4-inch tyres and decked out with Alpkit's handsome bikepacking luggage.

Emily is currently taking her new rig for a dress rehearsal in the north of Iceland. Stay tuned for further adventures! You can find out more about Emily across at herblog.

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