Did you try something new this Bank Holiday?

By Kenny Stocker

The August bank holiday for the crew at Alpkit is a time where we do what we enjoy and are good at; but also try some new things that we might not be very good at. This August holiday some of us realised an ambition to sea kayak under the Gogarth sea cliffs, we also tried horse riding, road riding, mountain biking, bird spotting, deep water soloing, camping, play-boating, climbing, abseiling, coasteering, snorkelling, ridge walking, scrambling, bushcrafting and fire juggling. It is amazing what you can pack in!

Bank holidays with friends are great for this kind of thing because you have time to play, explore, and get psyched by the people you are with and the toys that they have! Being in the right place at the right time with the right people is a common way of discovering something new, but you can also go to an event like the Big Shakeout. With its mix of evening entertainment, good food, climbing, canoeing, bouldering, mountain biking, circus skills, walking and caving taster courses the Big Shakeout is the ideal time and place to get inspired, try something new or get better at what you already do.

If you have discovered one of these activities over the bank holiday and you want to find out more or develop your skills further with an instructor then book yourself onto one of our School of Adventure courses.

Our hope with the Big Shakeout is that you will leave us with new friends, a new set of skills, or even better an entirely new sport!

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