Climbers Against Cancer

By Kenny Stocker

Some people were born to bring a splash of colour in to other peoples lives. You know the type, each and every encounter leaves you sprinkled in a dusting of glitter. Now imagine passing through an automatic car wash with those big foamy, floppy, rotating brushes coated in all the colours of the rainbow. Hello John Ellison!

For the last 10 years John has been involved in climbing competitions through judging at local and national competitions and more recently working as jury president at international events and assisting with the GB Team for 3 years. Diagnosed with terminal cancer John has launched Climbers Against Cancer with the aim of raising money around the world – and distributing it internationally. Equally important to John is raising awareness, by raising awareness he is convinced we will have more chance of defeating it.

To support CAC John has designed and printed t-shirts and with what success! In just 3 months Climbers Against Cancer has gone global with a wave of colourful t-shirts spreading out around the world. The official Climbers Against Cancer website will be launched next week where you will be able to purchase your t-shirt, share your photos, videos and thoughts. Despite the obvious focus on climbers John is keen that supporters of the campaign will feed off the diversity of their interests and take the campaign in to unexplored territories.

Until the site is launched you can learn more about John and the CAC project in this great interview on Planet Grimpe with Nat Berry. There is also a Facebook group where you can share your thoughts and photos.

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