Checkout problems for Apple Mac users

By Kenny Stocker

** UPDATE 19/05/2010 **
We have been contacted by Secure Epayments to tell us that this issue has now been resolved. ** END OF UPDATE **

It has just come to our attention that when customers using Apple Macs are transferred from our checkout to the HSBC payment pages they are now presented with a warning regarding the validity of HSBC security certificate.

We have contacted HSBC Secure ePayments about this issue and they have assured us that the connection is secure, however because their system is not ‘officially’ tested with Mac browsers the warning may be triggered.

We are all Mac users here at Alpkit and we have a high percentage of Mac based visitors so we are quite frankly baffled by the decision our payment processor has made.

Unfortunately we cannot just switch payment processor immediately, and we are hoping that they will see sense, fork out for a Mac and do the testing required to validate the security certificates.

We appreciate that some of you may not wish to proceed beyond the security warning and may prefer to select the ‘Phone Ordering’ payment method. In this case we will call you during office hours to take your payment details.

If you also wish to tell Secure ePayments how ridiculous this situation is you can phone HSBC Merchant Services on 0800 731 8921, (don’t forget you phone bill will be charged so you will have to be as angry as us to be bothered) or email the ePayments support team and tell them you are a Mac user.

We are sorry for any inconvenience to your happy shopping experience.

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