Carbon shortage

By Alpkit

Well we have done it again, we are out of stock of yet another product. So what has gone wrong this time?

We are seeing the first signs of a global shortage of carbon fibre. The cause of this has been put down to rising petroleum costs and the increased demands of industries such as wind-farms and the aerospace industry (in particular the Airbus A380 and Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner). We were hoping that by giving our suppliers more time we might be able to get a better price. This has not happened and if we were to go ahead with our order our pole price would not just increase, [b]it would actually double![/b] this would put us in is the same price bracket as MSR and Trekmates. In our opinion carbon fibre poles are not worth more than £50, so until we can secure this price we will not reorder.

We are now looking at some alternatives including, Carbon-Alu mix which is where the carbon is woven over an aluminium core and also some 7000 series Aluminium poles. For hard core CarbonLite fans we have managed to get hold of some overruns from our last production, these will have to be sold at a higher price as we will be air freighting them and the factory want to charge us more for the materials. We are not happy about this but we have not got an alternative. These should be available within two weeks. If you would like to reserve a pair email us because these will be strictly first come first served.

We are hoping we can get some Carbon/Aluminium poles in stock ASAP, but this is not likely to be for at least 6 weeks. In the meantime we still have some spares available for existing CarbonLite owners.

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