BUKE 2013

By Jay Oram

We’ve been supporting the British Universities Kayaking Expeditions (BUKE) since 2006 with the Four Borders Expedition to Mongolia, then in 2009 to Vietnam and lastly 2011 with a huge 2 month trip to Venezuela.

BUKE aims to bring a group of like minded and experienced university paddlers together. With a selection weekend held somewhere in the UK to chat to the paddlers, get a chance to go boating and show what they can. A small group is selected, but nothing is handed to them, it is the responsibility of the team to find a suitable location for the trip, arrange all of the logistics, sponsors and expenses.

This year the team comprising of Peter Tyrrell, Debs Perry, Callum Strong, Jamie Conn and John Tomlinson have decided to search out smaller largely un-paddled tributaries in the large mountainous and glaciated valleys of Pakistan. Previous trips to Pakistan have been out of the rainy season and have been based on the larger volume rivers in the base of the valleys.

With the recent turmoil in the region, no major expeditions have been made to the area since the 70’s and 80’s.

We are helping out by providing lightweight camping equipment the paddlers can carry in their boats, as well as our bombproof dry bags to store the equipment in. In previous BUKE trips our gear has proven to be perfect for remote paddling expeditions.

The BUKE 2013 Website and Blog can be found here.

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