Best time to boulder outdoors

By Kenny Stocker

If you have tried bouldering in the middle of summer (ok not this summer) you may well have got a good tan or eaten by midges, but it is unlikely that you have climbing your hardest problem. Those of us who are weak or were born with a surplus of sweat glands in our finger tips may have spent the summer feeling like a beached seal, but the tide is turning, things are about to change, and best of all it is not going to involve spending another 2 sessions a week in your climbing gym.

Friction is our best friend and it is fact that the best time to go bouldering outdoors is during the cooler months when the rock is cold and the air is less humid. Those who came to the Big Shakeout a couple of weekends ago will testify that October is a great month for getting out of the climbing wall and on to real rock.

Your prep needn't involve dead hanging in your cellar or lapping on your system board, just fill a Thermos with hot soup, wrap yourself up warm in your favourite bobble hat and down jacket, tuck your boots under your armpits and amaze yourself by walking up things you just sketched off in August.. with this much friction it will feel like cheating!

If you are making the progression from indoors to outdoors for the first time then why not get yourself on a course with someone like Big Shakeout bouldering instructor Claire Youdale, learn all about spotting and of course the all important topping out!

Order your Mujo and Waffanow and get out this weekend, it's looking good.

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