Bernard the AlpBear

By Dan Thompson

Early in June we packed Bernard the AlpBear off on an adventure.

He'd planned to initially go to the Lakes with Dan but a younger member of Dan's family took a shine to Bernard and hid him in a cupboard so he missed that trip.

He then set off into the Peak District...

he was found there by Rob and then travelled off for a few days...

...before popping up again in the Lake District.

There it was Chris' turn to find Bernard and take him along on his travels.

This time he came a little further South into Lancashire - but he was back in the woods and was pretty comfortable there for a few days.

Until Callum went to find him and headed back north into the Lakes

Bernard was last spotted resting by a stream at the location below, and, unfortunately, we havent heard from him since...

Hopefully he's safe and well, but if you're up in the area please keep an eye out for young Bernard, he likes peanut butter and cheese and Dandelion and Burdock if you want to take him a little treat.

Thanks to everyone who got involved.

We have picked a winner of the Gravitas Jacket for this comp and its: Callum, he wins a fantastic Gravitas jacket worth £120

Our other winners will also get a great prize very soon.

Keep an eye out for more competitions via and on social media.

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