Beeley Hill climb on Big Shakeout Sunday

By Alpkit

Fancy a Challenge? Are you coming to the Big Shakeout and suddenly find your Sunday looking a bit empty? Look no further, the Beeley Moor Hill Climb will get your blood pumping and probably your muscles aching.

We are not organising the event but we think it will be great fun. Grab a bike, join a class and see who can get to the top the quickest how hard can it be?

Here are some useful details - It’s a leisurely 11am Start and only £7 entry - you will need to enter with a cycling time trials entry form. The Course code for the entrey form is OHC/8. Send your form and a cheque for £7 to:-

C Myhill
39 Windsor Drive
S42 6TG

In order to enter you must be an affiliate of a cyclling time trial club, if you are not, don’t worry contact Mr. Myhill and he will be able to sort out a days membership with Chesterfield Couriers, just for the event.

To get in Contact with Mr. Myhill call - 07792891157

Good luck and enjoy the day out

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