Back to School at the Big Shakeout

By Jay Oram

The kids are back to school so it is back into the old routine for some of us; the school run, getting up early to make lunches, making sure the uniforms are all sorted. School trips, letters home and the summer holiday seems a lifetime ago. So what to look forward to next - October half term, but then there is the question of what to do?

One option is to relax and put your feet up for a week - Valid after the hard work you’ve put in!

Option two is to get yourself off to the Alpkit Big Shakeout and spend the weekend having fun with the family or getting away from them on a masterclass of some sort?

Take a look at the Mini Adventure Course for your kids to get up close to nature and for you to sit back and watch, or you could share the fun on one of our Family Adrenalin Days.

If the kids would rather play in the tent all day or go sight seeing in the Peak District (Tideswell is great for food!!) then there are plenty of courses for you to escape to in the School Of Adventure.

Whatever you decide to do - have fun!

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