Andy Kirkpatrick off Troll Wall

By Col

After a gruelling time solo on the Troll Wall, Andy Kirkpatrick is back down at his car.

It never fails to impress, the dedication and commitment to keep on pushing through all sorts of mental and physical barriers in order to achieve a final goal. Blocking out external emotional factors can often be vital in order to keep focused on the task at hand and therefore safe. Yet when these thoughts break through, is it simply a sign of weakness or is there good reason why they crept in when they did and somethings were just not meant to go the way you had envisaged. It’s a subject that’s been following explorers, climbers, adventurers, right from the very start. Everyone having to make their own decisions about whether it’s the right time to push on or call it a day, go for it or let it lie. Enduring something for so long and getting so close to the end, taking that same strength to turn away can impresses equally.

Andy was faced with one of these decisions closing in on the top of Troll Wall, little voices catching his attention.

If you’ve not been following his recent exploits then why not take a read through his Blog

Andy will be joining us at the Big Shakeout and talking with Niall Grimes at the Friday evening Word of Mouth which is included in the weekend ticket, before passing on his life experiences during a day long big wall course on Saturday. There is currently 1 place left HERE.

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