Alpkit takes to the Sky Ropes

By Col

Team Alpkit take a tour of the facilities that are on offer at Thornbridge Outdoors, from high ropes to mole holes. These activities are designed to encourage team work, trust, balance and confidence. Turns out there was a lot of heckling, but all good natured of course.

We were at Thornbridge checking out some of the on-site courses that are available at the Big Shakeout and these activities and challenges in particular are ideal for groups of friends or families. We are keen to make the Big Shakeout a real family friendly weekend, encouraging families to spend some time together getting involved in fun outdoor challenges. We are even running a Mini Adventurers activity for those younger kids wanting to break out on their own discoveries along with an fun Alpkids bouldering competition.

Hear what some of the team thought of the experience in a Daring Deed post Team Sky Ropes

There are plenty of opportunities to take in a session through Saturday and Sunday if you wanted to fit it around your own plans, but if you and the kids want to make more of it these activities are also built into our day long Family Adrenaline package. Check out the timetable for the School of Adventure

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