Alpkit recruiting again!

By Ben Meakin

'Factory Machinists'

It is forecast to be a busy one here at Alpkit HQ this year and one area that is certainly set to ramp up is our UK 'micro'facturing, so once again we have job opportunities available within the Alpfactory.

Enthusiastic, practical and want a job where you're not hypnotised by a computer screen?We are looking for self motivated individuals to join the team, whowill take pride in producing high-quality outdoor products. Ultimately we are looking for a machinist, so if you are handy with an automatic lockstitcher and other such sewing wizadry it's certainly a bonus, but don't let it put you off if not. You will potentially be involved in all aspects of making a product from the very start to the very end andthere will be training potential at all stages.

Deadline Friday 12th of February

Salary dependent on experience.

If you are interested then pleasesend your CV to us, along with a covering letter/email explaining why you would like to be part of the team.


Post: Alpkit Ltd,Units 12 - 14 Oak House,Moorgreen Industrial Park,Engine Lane,Newthorpe,Nottingham,NG16 3QU

Alpkit is a small team, with excellent customer service and high quality products that are our bread and butter. You will be an important part of what we do. We have a relaxed working environment with tea and coffee always to hand and (usually) decent music on, but when there is stuff to do, we knuckle down and get the job done.

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