Alpkit demo FigFour training aid

By Col

Alpkit has demoed the prototype dry tooling training aid FigFour at the international climbing competition Tout a Blocs in France.

The prototype axes were made availalbe to TAB competitors as they registered for the 3 day bouldering festival during a session called DryIce. 4 routes were set by Alpkit staff and TAB route setters including TAB organiser Francois Lombard.

The event was held on the brand new FFME competition boulders under clear blue skies with temperatures in the 30s, hence the name dryice! The routes were designed to recreate the types of movements encountered on typical dry tooling routes including under clings, sidepulls, loing long reaches and of course fig fours.

The event was popular with many of the event competitors, most of who had never previously tried dry tooling. The youngest to try was just 8 years old while the oldest were in the jurasic category. Photo’s have been sent back to GHQ for those left at home.

The DryIce event will now be moving closer to home at the RockFest event in Devon in a couple of weeks time….

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