Alpkid on the Blocs at Big Shakeout

By Col

Alpkid on the Blocs has accompanied us to a number of shows as a way to get the whole family learning about bouldering in a safe and relaxed environment. Aimed primarily at under 8’s, the format has run as both a friendly competition and as introductory sessions, where the parents are also hands on in learning about ‘spotting’ and using specialist equipment such as ‘bouldering mats’ and ‘chalk bags’.
We have taken our Alpkids wall to Cliffhanger, HVAFF and The Outdoor Leisure Show where it has been a great success and for further information you can read the Alpkid page.

It was also recently used for a Primary Schools climbing competition at this years Cliffhanger

As the Big Shakeout is equally intended for the whole family as it is for the lone adrenaline junkie, we will be running a parent and child version session of Alpkids on the Blocs into the early evening on Saturday. Running alongside the other evening events, parents and children will have to complete a series of routes set on the Thornbridge indoor wall. Spot prizes will be awarded through the night.

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