AlpineDream and Filo delays

By Alpkit

First of all a big thank you to everyone that has placed an order with us over the last year. Secondly and much much more important is an apology to all those customers we have been unable to supply due to low stock (as well as any other customer that we may have miffed). All we can say is sorry, we will try harder over the next year but for now we can only offer a few words of explanation.
Alpkit is dedicated to bring you a range of value for money outdoor equipment with great service. We source all the equipment ourselves, some things take months to arrive some take days. The down products in particular take some time to produce. We took delivery of our winter down products around about October and every since they have flown of our shelves. But we can’t just do what high street shops do which is ring up a few suppliers and restock the shelves the following week. Alpkit has to work with its suppliers to order new fabric, check the components and book the production slot. Invariably this takes longer than we would wish for but when we knew we might run low we kicked into action and tried to get a reorder. It seems we were still to late, and even though we really though we might get a delivery just after Christmas we have had a few set backs. It is now the very end of this month that we can expect to get the Filo down jackets and AlpineDream sleeping bags back on our shelves, and to you the first week in Feb.


The Alpkit team
Ken, Chunk Jim and Nick

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